Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dice Bag!

I have been playing video games quite a bit since my life as a student has ended. Now my life as a lowly intern has commenced! I have a bit over an hour of commute to work each way and this bag was knitted entirely on the subway/buses. It took about a week to complete.

I did not follow a pattern since I suck at sticking to them, but here's how I made it.

Needle size/gauge/yarn weight doesn't matter here. But I used a wool/nylon bend sock yarn (gift from my best friend) and size 2 needles.
  1. Cast on 8. 
  2. Divide stitches onto 4 double pointed needles (2 on each needle).
  3. Join (don't twist your work!)
  4. For each of the 4 needles, make 1 (or however you want to increase) then knit to the end.
  5. The idea is one increase per needle until it forms the desired size for bottom of the bag.
  6. Find a cable pattern you like (or wing it) and knit each of the rows for the pattern four times, i.e. knit row 1 on first needle, row 1 on second needle, row 1 on third needle, row 1 on fourth needle, row 2 on first needle, row 2 on second needle ....
  7. When the bag is about an inch from desired length, start knit stitches in the round until it reaches the desired length
  8. Bind off
  9. Make i-cord (directions here) long enough to go around the open mouth of the bag twice.
  10. Thread i-cord through the knit stitch area at the top of the bag and you are done!