Sunday, December 21, 2014

Steampunk Cat Mask Tutorial

Photo by Bruce Medic Photo at

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I made this fun cat mask for a Steampunk tea party at the Geek Bar in Chicago. Here's a tutorial for making your own!

You will need:
Hot glue
Acrylic paint
Acrylic sealant
Pattern - I used the cat mask pattern from Chris Huebert
A LOT of patience
Optional: worbla/thermalpastics

Let's get started:

print out the pattern
you can absolutely make your own if you are good with pattern drafting!

Trace it onto craft foam, twice.

Cut out the foam (cat helper optional)

Optional: trace the pattern onto worbla and cut out the pieces

Optional: Heat and wrap the warbla around the foam.

Match and glue the pieces together
Worbla sticks to itself when heated, you can use contact cement or hotglue if you are only using foam

Start shaping the mask to head.
The eye hole were a bit small for me, so I enlarged it a bit.

All the mask pieces together.

Add ears.

Embellish as you like.
I used a mod podge hot glue mold for the cogs but you can also cut them out of cardboard.
The lens was from a pair of reading glasses from the dollar store.

Prime with gesso. Lens covered in painter's tape.

Prime again with black acrylic paint then start on first layer with a dry brush.
I used bronze for the main colour and gold for the embellishments.

Seal it with a clear acrylic sealant (I used satin) and we are done!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Steampunk Book Box

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Michaels always have these little book box things on sale so I grabbed one for $2 and made it into something I can carry around as a clutch.

This project is pretty simple. All the work can be done in less than an hour but it does take a day for it to dry. All you need is the book box, hot glue, paint, and an acrylic sealant.

Let's get started:

Cover the sides (fake page prints) with painter's tape.

Draw a design that you want on it and trace it with hotglue.
I used a modge podge hotglue mold for the gear but you can also make them out of cardboard.

Prime with gesso and black paint

Paint with a very dry blush.

I used bronze for the base colour and antique gold for the details.

I like to add a thin black line around the details to make them pop.

Spray with an acrylic sealant and you are done!
I used a satin finish since I didn't want it to look too glossy.

Monday, December 8, 2014

DIY Masquerade Mask - Fun with hot-glue and some paint!

There are so many different ways of making these masks but this method is as easy as it gets. It takes about 5 minutes of actual work.I recommend watching this fun instructional video on making the mask with the same method and includes free patterns.

So let's get started!

You  will need:
Hot glue gun
Acrylic Paint (spray paint if you have good ventilation)
wax paper
Ribbons or strings
Template - found on Google search. 

Print out the pattern and put a layer of wax paper/cookie sheet over it. I had to tape down the edges so the wax paper doesn't shift around when I put the hot glue on.

Slowly trace the pattern with the hotglue - take a bit of practice to get it right, especially if you have a cheap glue gun.

Peel off the mask after the glue cools completely (15-20 min)

Paint with colour of your choice. Spray paint would work MUCH better in terms of filling in the little nooks and cranny and is much faster, but I don't have much ventilation in this apartment so I just used acrylic paint.

Optional: add secondary colour

Add ribbon or string to tie to your head.

Warm the dried mask between your hands for a min and press it on your face for about 5 minutes so it molds to your face.

Pretend you are a superhero (or villain) with psychic abilities, because we all know this pose means I have psychic powers.

And make more masks because it's super easy!