Friday, August 17, 2012

RAM Jewelry Set (Georgia Innocence Project Edition)

I had a surprisingly emotional and wonderfully educational summer interning at the Georgia Innocence Project (GIP).

Like any other small, non-profit organization, GIP is only able to afford hand-me-down computers that barely trudged along. I managed to salvage a couple RAM from one of the more ancient models that finally croaked and used the RAM to make a jewelry set. 

This set is available for purchase at the GIP 10th anniversary celebration where a silent auction will be held to raise (much needed) funds. Each piece was once used to help free the wrongfully prosecuted. So if you would like a slice of justice to adorn your wrist, ear lobes, or clavicle, visit the link above to purchase a ticket to the silent auction. 

You can also help to free the innocent by donating HERE or simply "like" the GIP facebook page!

The Making:
Borrowed a dremel and a drill from a friend, who also did the cutting/drilling

Cutting the pieces on a cardboard box
Due to the amount of metal on the board, it was very hard to cut straight. Only four pieces came out presentable. I think a lot of the credit should go to a friend who cut up and drill holes in the pieces but he preferred to remain anonymous.
Had my friend punch the hole by hand

Washed and cleaned

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Slave Leia Crochet Doll

As a member of the pasty skinned basement-dwellers, I felt obligated to crochet a slave Leia doll. More details and progress pictures below. I roughly followed tutorials and instructions on By Hook, By Hand.
Her head can be rotated.

Her legs are stuffed with pipe cleaners so they  can hold a slight bend

The metal part of her bikini is painted on with glitter fabric paint (which takes hours to dry and tends to cake up on my fingers)

Progress Pictures