Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vampire the Masquerade Circle of Crones Box

Vampire the Masquerade Circle of Crones Box

So, it's about time I started LARPing...a local group is running Vampire the Masquerade. One of the players had a box in the shape of a book to hold her items and I thought I'd fancy it up a little. Here's how you can make you own!

Box in the shape of a book (Michaels ususally has some)
Acrylic paint (I used black, red, and gold)
Matte clear spray paint
Hot glue gun/hot glue
Painter's tape

1. Strip the book box (you can skip this step if you don't mind having a shinier texture)

2. Draw the design onto the book with a marker and trace over it with hot glue.

3. Cover the entire box with gesso (do at least two coats to even out the small bumps on the surface)

4. Paint the entire box black then dab on red paint with a dry brush

5. Paint the hot glue parts with gold paint.

6. Add more details with gold paint

And we are done!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Princess Peach Crown

Princess Peach Crown Tutorial!

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  • Scissors, ruler, pen/marker
  • Craft foam
  • Worbla (wonderflex would work too)
  • Heat gun
  • Acrylic paint (black, white, and gold)
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • 60mm round acrylic gems (2 red and 2 blue)

Let's get started!

1. Gather materials

2. Draft a rough crown pattern on the foam and cut it out. I cut it into 4 pieces so it'll be easier to heat/reshape for the worbla. You can do it all in once piece if you are using a different material.

3. Roughly cut out pieces of worbla to cover the crown pieces.

4. Use a heat gun to heat up the worbla pieces and seal the foam between the worbla.

5. Connect the worbla-covered pieces together to shape a basic crown.

6. Roughly draw design details onto the basic crown.

7. Add the details with strips of worbla.

8. Spray paint the crown with a black base. *I usually prime the worbla with gesso, I ran out of time and did not do so for this piece, so the texture of the crown came out a little more rough.

9. Dab on a layer of gold paint with a dry brush and a tiny dab of water.

10. Trace the shadows with black paint, and high light with white paint.

11. Hot glue on the gems and we are done!

I put two little hooks on the bottom of the crown so it can be attached to hair/wigs with pins.

Bonus: Princes Kira!