Sunday, January 24, 2016

Doctor Fate Hoodie

Doctor Fate Hoodie/Amulet

Testing out my new fancy sewing machine with a cosplay project! I've been meaning to make a Doctor Fate costume for a long time. The new version of Doctor Fate seemed easy enough to do, so I dove right into it.

Here are the progress pictures!

Dog (and the cats) trying to help me with the patterns. I used a commercial pattern.

I decided to add pockets to the hoodie, because my hands get cold.

Lady helping me with putting in the hood.

Some of your might remember my tutorial on Doctor Fate's Amulet from a while ago.
It turned out slightly too small for this costume. So I'm making a new one

Drawing a circle on cardboard. Dog was too tired to help this time.

Cut out two circles of worbla from worbla scraps.

Made a circle with more worbla scraps

and more worbla scraps.

And done! I'll make a separate post once I make the helm!