Friday, August 17, 2012

RAM Jewelry Set (Georgia Innocence Project Edition)

I had a surprisingly emotional and wonderfully educational summer interning at the Georgia Innocence Project (GIP).

Like any other small, non-profit organization, GIP is only able to afford hand-me-down computers that barely trudged along. I managed to salvage a couple RAM from one of the more ancient models that finally croaked and used the RAM to make a jewelry set. 

This set is available for purchase at the GIP 10th anniversary celebration where a silent auction will be held to raise (much needed) funds. Each piece was once used to help free the wrongfully prosecuted. So if you would like a slice of justice to adorn your wrist, ear lobes, or clavicle, visit the link above to purchase a ticket to the silent auction. 

You can also help to free the innocent by donating HERE or simply "like" the GIP facebook page!

The Making:
Borrowed a dremel and a drill from a friend, who also did the cutting/drilling

Cutting the pieces on a cardboard box
Due to the amount of metal on the board, it was very hard to cut straight. Only four pieces came out presentable. I think a lot of the credit should go to a friend who cut up and drill holes in the pieces but he preferred to remain anonymous.
Had my friend punch the hole by hand

Washed and cleaned

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