Sunday, July 21, 2013

Watercolor Nami (League of Legends)

A lot of people think I'm naturally a support player (cleric, healer, etc.), but the reason I play support is so that I can "accidentally" let people die when they piss me off. 

Anyway, here's my favorite support from League of Legends, Nami - the Tidecaller.

Something I learned from doing this painting - boobies are REALLY hard to shade.

Progress pics:

1. Pencil line

2. Shapie line (sharpies are NOT good on work this small)

3. Lots of masking fluid

4. Basic background colour

5. Foreground colour

6. Foreground colour

7. Took off masking fluid (eek too many blank spots!)

8. Hair and Scales

9. the CLAMP method - add enough highlights so no one will notice you're really crappy at shading.

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