Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hand Dyeing Acrylic Yarn

I was a bit skeptical about dying acrylic yarn at first, since it's basically trying to dye plastic, but the yarn turned out beautifully and the process was very simple as well! All I used are some acrylic paint (the 90 cents ones you get from wal-mart) and water.

First, wind your ball of yarn into a hank.

Then, wet the hank with water. (Yes, that's a chip/dip holder thing)

Next, apply acrylic paint. (I thinned out the paint with water and just poured the coloured water on)

This next step is the hardest part, hang it up to dry and try not to play with it too much and get paint everywhere.

After a day or so (I put a heater in front of it at night), it's ready to go!

I prefer center-pull balls!

And it's ready to be used!

 I will be making a kitty mat (for catching litter) with this pretty yarn. Stay tuned for updates!

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