Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Doctor Fate's Amulet of Anubis (prototype)

 I am planning a Doctor Fate costume for my first armor project. This is a prototype of the Amulet of Anubis to test out the size, design, techniques, etc.

For more tutorials and progress photos, visit my facebook page!

Here are the progress pictures:

Drew a rough design on my iPad.

Painted a pretty rock, and drew a rough pattern on a piece of cardboard with a can of cat food.
The cardboard was from the box the cat food had arrived in!

Trace pattern onto the worbla twice and cut out the patterns.

Heat up worbla and sandwich the cardboad in between them and trip excess.

Melted some leftover worbla together.

Rolled it around the pretty rock.

Flattened out the worbla wad onto the circular piece from before and added some details

Heated up a small square of worbla and rolled it around a knitting needle.

Attached the small worbla piece to the top of the amulet.

Covered center with tape and primed with gesso.

Primed with a gold and black acrylic mix since I wanted a shinier look.

First coat of colour.

Traced the edges with black lines.

Added runes and white lines for highlight.
(For those who want to find deeper meaning in life, the runes are Daedric and spell "WALRUS")

Sealed with an acrylic spray paint.

Added a cord (I'll find something more cosmic powery looking in the future) and we are done!

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