Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The TARDIS is like a CAT.

 Horray! Summer shinnanigans! For this summer, I picked up watercolor. This painting is inspired by the episode of Doctor Who where the Doctor described the T.A.R.D.I.S. as a cat (because she was being mean to Oswin).

Here are some progress pictures.Constructive criticism welcome.

1) Outline with pencil and some shading in eyes. Paper's actually white, camera's just infected with my Asian-ness.

2) Applied some masking fluid on the fur to preserve the whites.

3) In hindsight, I probably should have researched on how to paint a cat BEFORE I started painting a cat.

4) Did some research on how to paint a cat.

5) Apparently Doctor Who fans have created Gallifreyan!

6) Masked the Gallifreyan in the back to preserve the colour and painted the first layer of background.

7) Masked another layer of Gallifreyan on the bottom then added more colours and salt.

 8) Rubbed off the masking fluid and salt with my fingers and added a little white on the TARDIS kitty's fur.

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