Thursday, October 9, 2014

Super Soft Winter Hat!

I've wanted to knit with the Noro Shiraito yarn for some time now. This super-duper-soft yarn is made with an angora and cashmere blend. It's a bit pricey ($30/skein) normally but I managed to grab the last skein that was on sale at the local yarn shop last week.

Naturally, instead of applying for jobs, I sat at home and knit this hat. At first, I felt like a clumsy moose because the yarn kept on breaking. I had to experiment with the tension quite a bit so the brim of the hat came out a little wonky.

Here's how I made the hat:

I used a US 3 circular needle and the entire skein, about 195 yrd. It was knit in the round. Final size of the hat is about 22" circumference and 10" in height

First, the yarn is offer for cat approval. As you can see here, Lady is showing nonchalance, the cat way of saying she approves, maybe, quite probably.

Hat brim - CO 108. Start with rounds of knit stitch (I did 3). Then a couple rows of K3 P1 until the end. (I did 15). Purl one round when you are done with the brim.

Hat Body - Start with rows of k1 rounds and add the wavy lace pattern to create the wavy bar when you see fit. I did 10 rounds of k1, wavy lace rounds, 6 rounds of k1, wavy lace rounds, then another 10 rounds of k1.

To do the wavy lace pattern:
1. P1 to the end
2. k1 to the end
3. K2tog 6 times, (YO K1) 6 times to the end.
4. P1 to the end

Hat crown - At this point, you can really use any kind of decrease you like for hats.
I did:
 k2tog 6 times, and k1 6 times to the end of round
K1 to end for 2 rounds
k2tog 4 times, k1 4 times to the end of round
k1 to end for 1 round
K2tog to the end of the round.
Thread tail through the stitches and close the hat

Add a pompom if you have left over yarn.

I didn't block the hat because I'm not very experienced with cashmere/angora and don't want to risk the yarn breaking in the process.

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