Thursday, November 13, 2014

Make Pretty Rocks!

Unemployment sometimes means my creative side just explodes. I made these while waiting for WoW servers to come back up. They look as if they could hold powers of a cosmos but are actually really simple and cheap to make.

Here's how to make some of your own:


Mosaic Rocks (about $2/15 at Michael's)
Cheap nail polish - glittery ones (Wet n' Wild is usually around $1/bottle)
Black Acrylic Paint (if you want a darker background)
Aluminum foil
More glitter (if you want more sparkles)

1. Paint a thin coat of glitter nail polish on the flat side of the rock and wait for it to dry.

2. Add some glitter to it while the nail polish is still wet, brush off the excess glitter.

2a. Alternatively, add a different colour nail polish.

3. Once the polish is dry, coat the back with a solid layer of black acrylic paint.

4. Once the black acrylic paint dries, coat with a layer of clear nail polish to seal.

While the clear top coat is drying, stick a piece of aluminum foil underneath and cut off the excess. I do this just in case I missed a spot when covering it with acrylic paint.

Experimenting is fun!

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