Monday, December 8, 2014

DIY Masquerade Mask - Fun with hot-glue and some paint!

There are so many different ways of making these masks but this method is as easy as it gets. It takes about 5 minutes of actual work.I recommend watching this fun instructional video on making the mask with the same method and includes free patterns.

So let's get started!

You  will need:
Hot glue gun
Acrylic Paint (spray paint if you have good ventilation)
wax paper
Ribbons or strings
Template - found on Google search. 

Print out the pattern and put a layer of wax paper/cookie sheet over it. I had to tape down the edges so the wax paper doesn't shift around when I put the hot glue on.

Slowly trace the pattern with the hotglue - take a bit of practice to get it right, especially if you have a cheap glue gun.

Peel off the mask after the glue cools completely (15-20 min)

Paint with colour of your choice. Spray paint would work MUCH better in terms of filling in the little nooks and cranny and is much faster, but I don't have much ventilation in this apartment so I just used acrylic paint.

Optional: add secondary colour

Add ribbon or string to tie to your head.

Warm the dried mask between your hands for a min and press it on your face for about 5 minutes so it molds to your face.

Pretend you are a superhero (or villain) with psychic abilities, because we all know this pose means I have psychic powers.

And make more masks because it's super easy!

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