Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Steampunk Book Box

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Michaels always have these little book box things on sale so I grabbed one for $2 and made it into something I can carry around as a clutch.

This project is pretty simple. All the work can be done in less than an hour but it does take a day for it to dry. All you need is the book box, hot glue, paint, and an acrylic sealant.

Let's get started:

Cover the sides (fake page prints) with painter's tape.

Draw a design that you want on it and trace it with hotglue.
I used a modge podge hotglue mold for the gear but you can also make them out of cardboard.

Prime with gesso and black paint

Paint with a very dry blush.

I used bronze for the base colour and antique gold for the details.

I like to add a thin black line around the details to make them pop.

Spray with an acrylic sealant and you are done!
I used a satin finish since I didn't want it to look too glossy.

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