Saturday, November 15, 2014

Eldritch Eye Bracer - Worbla and Pretty Rocks

Cold days and WoW servers down meant more arts and crafts! This bracer is made with a pretty rock I painted and Worbla (a kind of thermoplastic). Visit my facebook page for more Worbla fun!

I learned about thermoplastics and painting armor from books by a cosplayer named Kamui. She has many excellent tutorials and books so I will not explain it any further here. Instead, please enjoy the progress pictures!

I started with a basic pattern and a rock I painted to look like red eye (with GLITTERS)

Then I used my heat gun (the pink phallic thing in the background) to activate the worbla and molded it to my wrist.

Added a little bit of detail and drew on a basic design.

Added more details and molded the "eye" onto the bracer.

Covered the eye with painter's tape. Primed with 10-15 (who's really counting any way) layers of gesso to even out the small dents. This is the hardest part - apparently, watching paint dry is REALLY boring (rum helped).

Cover with black acrylic paint.

Paint with coloured acrylic paint.

Fix all the small nooks and crannies, then seal with an acrylic spray.

And we are done! No need to add claps or anything since it was molded to my wrist.

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