Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ochazuke and Onigiri!

Ochazuke (け) is a light Japanese dish made with green tea (of course I super-sized it with fried pork).

This Ochazuke is made with:

  • Pan Fired Pork (chop up pork, heat out oil and let it fry)
  • Blanched Enoki Muschrooms and Shanghai Bok Choy (ran out of bean sprouts)
  • Brown Rice

The recipe is super simple. Start with some rice in a bowl, add toppings (pickled daikon and shredded nori work great too) and pour freshly brewed green tea over it. Remember to let it cool for a little bit before enjoying...

I also made some onigiri stuffed with artificial crab meat for lunch. Horray for pink rice!

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