Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bento #4

A feral cat (tiger kitty) I've been feeding darted in front of me while I was going down a steep slope near home. It was dark and rainy (thank goodness my cat's eye, a bike headlight, was bright enough that I didn't run into her) so my bike threw me off. Ow. On the brighter side, the clerk at Bicycle South was right about getting a girl's bike because it could have been a lot more painful. I've been a little down all day for various reasons but getting my new bento boxes in the mail was nice.

"Remember who you are and don't sell your soul to the Law..." -- My Criminal Law Prof. (who, incidentally, sounds like Yoda when he gets excited). This quote made me really miss teaching middle school and all the good folks at Citizen Schools (and Edwards Middle). I hope the rain will stop soon.

Today's Bento Includes:
Top Tier:
Steamed Green Beans
2 Cookies w/ a Frieze of a castle on top
Mashed Sweet Potatoes w/ Dried Cranberries
Lower Tier:
Ham and Cheese Sammich

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