Friday, January 6, 2012

Magic Tip: Granulated Chicken Stock Instead of Salt!

A Wizard Did It:
Granulated chicken stock is basically chicken flavored MSG. It is a panacea to all of your lacked time, experience and patience; it makes everything you cook taste flavorful without excessive saltiness; and it might just be the best thing since Galadriel refused the One Ring. 

How to use:
Just like using salt, I add it to beef, chicken, fish, pretty much anything I cook. It can also be used to make soup, stew and maybe a very small granulated chicken stock castle. You can add this a lot more liberally than you can with salt but add in small doses and stir it around before tasting. Yes, I still add a pinch of salt sometimes but the stock brings out the flavor of the food itself rather than a distinct saltiness.

Where do I get this?
I generally use a Chinese brand (pictured above). I've tried the Knorr ones and found it salty and easily clumped into a solid like kitty litter with even the slightest moisture.They are easy to find in international food sections of grocery stores and plenty of online stores carry them as well. 

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