Saturday, January 14, 2012

Recipe - Omurice

Today's Lunch Includes:
Grilled Salmon - the cats ate most of this, luckily it was on sale so I made extra
Green Stuff

Note: Omelette + Rice = Omurice! Thanks to google, I don't have to go into any more detail about it. Here's the recipe. Yes, that's grease oozing from underneath. It's generally a healthy meal l but I'd like to do my share in keeping the doctors in business.

Mats for this delicious spell:
2 eggs
Mix frozen veggies
Olive oil (or any astro-glide for the pan)
Granulated Chicken Stock or Salt

Casting Sequence:

Thaw your pre-cooked rice bundle and frozen veggies in the microwave for 2 min.
Heat up some olive oil in a pan/pot/metal can and stir fry the thawed mixture on high heat until it looks edible.
Set it aside on a plate and form an olive-shape pile (or build a castle with it, but brown rice doesn't stick well)
Scramble the eggs with chicken stock and pepper
Oil the skillet and set heat on high, pour in the egg mixture after 4-5 min, stir with fork or chopsticks a little bit while it sets to make it fluffy. Turn off fire once the egg looks solid.

Flip the egg sheet onto the rice pile/castle/dinosaur and fold the excess egg sheet underneath
Or do it shamelessly with your hand and a paper towel if you accidentally put too much grease in your rice and the pile is falling apart
Try not to eat the entire thing in one setting because it will induce an insulin (if your own pancreas is still able to monitor these things) crash which will lead to chomping down an entire bag of m&ms and a very full and uncomfortable nap with a pile of cats.

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