Monday, January 16, 2012

Recipe - Leftover mashed potato salad

As seen in Bento #7

Note: This is what happens to all the edges of things (cheese, bread, nori, ham, etc.) that I cut out during the week.

For this magical recipe, you will need:
4 small microwavable potato - mine were growing roots...
Leftover food - I had ham, nori, rice and sausages but anything will do, just make sure they are diced into small pieces
Black Pepper

Casting sequence:

  1. Place clean taters in a bowl, sprinkle some water on top, cover with Saran wrap then zap it in the microwave for 6 min-ish. The potatoes should be mushy when you stick something (not your finger) through it.
  2. wait for the potatoes to cool
  3. Microwave the leftover bits for a minute (just to kill the germs) and places in a large ziplock bag
  4. Add the mushy (and cooled) potato and mix everything by kneading the contents through the ziplock back (which I hope you had sealed at this point.
  5. Place the wad of potato salad on a place and garnish with a spoonful of guacamole and a little bit of salsa.

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